Kindle Review

Consumers that are seeking out an easy to use and practical device to read ebooks anywhere are showing a lot of interest in the Amazon Kindle. It is definitely the most popular e-reader currently on the market. But what makes it so loved by consumers everywhere in the world? Kindle reviews are there to shed some light about the device’s main features and the way it works, which will explain its popularity. Since the e-reader has been released, there have been 3 main versions of it to be made available. The most recent edition is often referred to as the “Kindle 3” on technology websites and in product reviews, even though Amazon does not officially assign model numbers to the Kindle.

The main advantage of the Kindle 3 is that it has a redesigned, high contrast electronic ink (e-ink) screen, which uses the most recent E-Ink Pearl technology to deliver higher contrast and overall much better display quality. A common problem among other types of screens is that they are liable to causing eye strain after extended use and are especially difficult to read in bright sunlight. The Kindle’s screen does not have this problem and has been specially created to prevent it. This is why the display on the device gets such high ratings in Kindle reviews everywhere.

In terms of format, the Kindle has a 6” display and weighs only 8.7 ounces, which is less than a typical paper back book. The storage capacity of the Kindle is also quite impressive, as its internal memory can store up to a maximum of 3500 books. But you should know that the Kindle can do a whole lot more than just letting you read some text. It can also allow you to take down notes, save bookmarks as well as highlight certain passages in the text that you are reading.

Just like many other technology items, there are several versions of the Kindle available right now. There is the Kindle 3G + WiFi, the Kindle WiFi and the Kindle DX. The differences between them are quite easy to understand, so you are not likely to be confused about which device to choose. The Kindle 3G + WiFi supports connectivity to both WiFi and 3G cellular networks, allowing you to download new ebooks and browse many internet sites such as Google and Wikipedia to do research. There is no subscription or monthly fees required for access to the 3G mobile wireless network. The Kindle Wi-Fi can do anything that the Kindle 3G + WiFi can, except that it can only connect to WiFi networks. The Kindle DX is basically a larger version of the regular Kindle, and has a screen that measures 9.7 inches instead of 6 inches like on the “regular” Kindle. However, the Kindle DX only supports 3G network connectivity, so it has no WiFi. But remember, 3G network access is free and is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as 100 other countries of the world. Kindle reviews of the DX state that it is an excellent choice for those who want a slightly bigger screen to work with.

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